Vegan Burg -VeganEats@SGP

If you are by any chance staying at Singapore or even passing by, you should definitely check out the Vegan Burg located here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.24.49 AM

Some of my Favourites including

Mains : Cracked Mayo, Creamy shrooms (yum) and Tangy tartar.

Sides:  Love the “seaweed fries” and “spinach pops” (carbs , carbs).

Drinks: “Coconut water” (well this is heaven) along with the coconut meat.

Dessert: “Brownies” absolutely the best ones i ever had.

Sometimes i get the brownies in bulk so i could have them for next 2-3 days haha.. I know. It’s just you couldn’t get enough of their crunchy soy patties with the creamy sauce and toppings all so relish and vegan same time. The staffs are very friendly and they have a peacful ambience with indoor and outdoor seatings. But the best part is they are now available at foodpand (online food ordering service). So you could order and eat them at home on your couch with your pajamas, you know what i mean. Their menu has some new additions often so you get to taste new flavors and varieties. Definitely check them out and enjoy yourself some vegan burgs. – they have detailed menu listed up there.

Currently they are available at California(US) and Singapore. I wish they expand more and open stores in all possible countries, for all my vegan buddies out there.




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