This is very easy/ no oil/ no fat/ healthy(carbs, iron and calcium)/ quick/ simple ingredients recipe. When i was a kid , my mom and grandma always feeds me spinach rice, i still remember the yummy soft flavorful taste melting in my mouth. But they used to add clarified butter(ghee) into it. But hello, this is a pus free vegan recipe.


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If you are one of the person who have no time for cooking, on the run for work or school try it out. It saves your time.


Onion – 1 chopped

Spinach – any kind one whole bundle

Rice – Basmati / regular brown or white rice

Salt – to taste

Water – for 1 cup of rice , 2 cups of water


I personally cook rice in electric rice cooker, would definitely recommend in investing on one. They are very  handy. If you do not have one, you could use a pressure cooker or a pot instead.

Put 1 cup of washed rice into your cooker/pot and add two cups of water to it.Wash your spinach thoroughly to remove all sand and dirt particles. Chop them roughly and add it to your rice. Add 1 chopped onion and salt to taste. Switch on your cooker and let it cook. There is no need to add extra water and salt for spinach because naturally spinach has salt taste to it and it gets cooked very easily with the steam of rice.

Once ready, serve hot. It is all good on its own, you could side it with cooked veggies or pickle.