A’kin is an Australian based skincare and hair care brand. Their products are vegan friendly and free from sulfates, parabens etc. I wanted to try their products for sometime and got my hands on the antioxidant day creme.I got it on a 20% off and have been using for over a month.

Where to get: Drugstore (Guardian and Watson – holland village Singapore)

Product Description: The cream comes in 50 ml size package in white tub and black lid. The cream is white and thick but with a watery base. It has a mild familiar fragrance to it, which does not linger and disappears after applying.

Usage: Apply everyday morning on a clean and toned face.

Pros: A little goes a long way, so the product lasts longer. Moisturizes as it claims without making the skin feel greasy or oily. Definitely quick drying and does not clog pores, same time doesn’t leave you dry. It gives a natural after glow because if its antioxidant properties.

Cons: No UV protection. Since it’s a day cream it would be more helpful to include SPF protection for tropical and humid climates.

My review: Would definitely repurchase and a worth the buy too.